For both tutors and writers, inputting your bank account and routing numbers is very important. When teaching a class, the first step is booking a session with a student. The money paid by the student will be deposited to the tutor’s registered bank account after 28% of the total is cut for the app service. Therefore, we cannot transfer money unless your bank account is registered with us.
Yes. Both tutors and writers need Bayise Admin approval after registration. After registration, background information about the tutor, such as their location and qualifications for tutoring, will be reviewed. Based on the information, the tutor or the writer will receive approval and get full access to all that Bayise Tutor has to offer.
No. As long as he or she is following Bayise’s policies, a tutor can work overtime, full time, or part time. As a tutor, you can make as much money as you’d like!
To be a tutor on this app, you must be at least 18 years old and have completed high school based on your country’s education policy. However, more experienced professionals are preferred.
Yes. You must be 18 years old or older to be a tutor.
Students feel more comfortable knowing who you are and can select you as their tutor based on their preferences.
Having positive reviews is very important for tutors to get students in the future. The student chooses their tutor based on their profile, including their star rating, exam scores, education level, and additional certifications.
There are different factors which raise your income on this app. First, your talent is very important. If your first student is satisfied by the work that you do, he or she will come back for more sessions and may even refer a friend. Second, you can self-promote to different students using methods such as advertising on social media or to your friends.
Tutoring or writing in any language is acceptable. If your preferred language was not listed in our language list, please contact us via the contact us page.
You can tutor any kind of course you like in this app. If your preferred course was not listed in our course lists, please inform us via the methods listed in contact us section.
Yes. For example, if you are a college student, you can make money by working part- time as a tutor. To be a tutor, you must create a Tutor account. At the same time, you can create a Writer account to work on writing projects to make additional income. Furthermore, you can record video and voice lessons to sell as individual pieces of content on Bayise Tutor. While working as a tutor and/or writer, you may also join as a Student to find a tutor who can help you with your current classes.
There are different kinds of payments on this app. 1) Regular Class Payment: This payment is per each one-hour-long session paid by a student to a tutor to get their tutoring expertise. After the student completes booking their session, 72% of the payment will be deposited to a tutor’s account while 28% will be deposited to Bayise admin account. 2) Session Fee: There is a fee per session, which is a small amount of only 1% of the original payment. This will be charged from student. For example, if the class fee is $50 per hour, there will be $0.5 extra charge which will be deposited to the admin. 3) Class Video Price: Class videos include content posted by our professionals to sell their talents. These videos cost various prices as determined by the tutor. When users wish to purchase these videos, they purchase it. 75% of money is deposited to the tutor’s bank account while 28% will be deposited to Bayise admin account. 4) Writer Project Price: Each writing project has its own price. After the client agrees on the price, he or she pays the total price. After the project completed, 72% of the price will be deposited to a writer bank account while 28% will be deposited to the Bayise admin bank account.
Yes. One of the benefits of using Bayise Tutor is that every tutoring session is recorded and available for viewing 24/7 in your account. Students can review any previous class from his or her Bayise account. You cannot get this special feature from any kind of traditional classes.
Register a Tutor: For students, when searching for a tutor, click the tutor’s profile that best suits your needs. At the bottom left side, you will see "Register a Tutor.” After you click it, the page will ask you for your course information, such as course title and description. Then, you click register. You will need to complete one last step, pressing the "Book session now" button, to finalize your service. Either you can book a session immediately or you can leave and book session another time by visiting the "Registered Tutor" section. Book Session Now: This feature allows you to immediately book sessions. When you click this button, it takes you to your profile and to the available payment options. You will complete the payment process at the end.
You can book only one class session at a time. Each class session is one hour in length. If you book and begin a tutoring session, the class time will end after one hour. However, if you wish to continue this session and the tutor is also interested in continuing, there is no need for any additional payment processes. The system will calculate and deduct the cost of the extra time from the card that is registered with us. For example, if the payment per hour is $50 / hour, and if the extra time is 30 minutes, the extra payment will be $25
Regular class: After students complete their registration, they will be shown suggested tutors based on their criteria, such as location, courses tutored, and session type (online or physical). Then, they will select a tutor and, after reviewing the tutor’s price and performance, proceed to either the register a tutor or book a class immediately page. This is the regular class booking process. Class Bidding: If a student has a smaller budget, they can use this system. First, they click the class bidding section of the Bayise app or website. They will include their course title, course description, and budget range per hour payment. After submitted, all registered tutors that fit the students’ requirement will receive the bid. The tutors will then accept and send their offer to the student. Students and tutors can communicate via chat for more details and special deals. After they agree, the student confirms the teacher’s offer. The teacher will confirm that offer again. Finally, students will proceed to checkout and pay the session price. This unique bidding feature helps students and teachers create deals on the price of a session.
Group Classes are one of the main features of Bayise Tutors. If many students, up to a maximum of ten students per session, want to get a tutor by means of conferencing, they can use this system. This helps classmates, friends, and family members learn together for an inexpensive rate. One benefit of this section is that it saves money for students to learn. For example, if a tutors asks $60/hour for one-to-one tutoring sessions, this money is covered by one student. However, if a teacher asks $100/hour for five students or $150/hour for ten students, each student will pay $20 or $15 respectively. In the booking process of Group Classes, only one student will be responsible for registering process and payments. The student discusses with their peers how to share the payment. At the booking time of the Group Class, this lead student is asked email each group member and invitations are sent to each one. However, each student needs to have a Bayise Student account to participate. At the class session time, all the students join the class online either from their Internet browser using our website or from the Bayise Tutor app on their smartphones (available on Android and iOS).
Sell Courses: This is one of the most important and truly innovative sections, which helps tutors or any kind of professionals who want to sell their talents easily make money In this section of our website and smartphone app, they can post any kind of short or long trainings or regular formal or informal classes. During the posting process, they will add the price, the title of the course, and other related information. After the course is sold, 75% of the money is paid to the teacher or the owner of the course and 25% is paid to the admin. Purchase Courses: This is another side of the above section where students can purchase the posted courses by tutors and other professionals. Students or anyone can purchase these courses online.
On the Bayise app and website, there is a section called the "Writing Section.” In the writing section, writing applicant users can be connected to different kinds of talented writing professionals. To be connected with writers, the applicants must have Bayise Student account. After creating an account, they share the title of the project, detailed project description, and optionally related documents with attachments. Moreover, the applicants add the number of pages of the project, date to be completed, kind of writings, and their budget range. After this submission, each writer fulfilling the requirements receives the bid and respond to an applicant along with their offer. The two parties (the writer and the applicant) can chat and have a more detailed discussion about the project, deals, and more. After accepting the offer, the applicant processes the payment. However, the money is not released to the chosen writer until the project is completed and confirmed by the applicant.
At the splash screen (the first screen of sign in or sign up), a user will select one of the following: "Tutor,” "Writer,” or "Student or Writing Applicant.” A writer selects the "Writer" option and signs in or signs up. The writer is then connected to writing applicants via this section.
Steps to be taken to be registered as a tutor include the following: 1) Create an account by clicking Sign Up. 2) An OTP is sent to your primary email. 3) Enter your secondary email, gender, date of birth, and optional profile picture. 4) Enter your address information. 5) Enter your education level. Select session type: Online, Physical, Course Video. You can select one or more of the session types. Also, select "Provide free trial,” "Yes" or "No.” In addition, add documents such as ID, resume, and other certificates. Then, click "Next" at the top right. 6) Select teaching language, which is the language you will teach the selected course in, and click "Next" at the top right. 7) Add Bank Information. You will be required to add the bank account and routing numbers, which is where the money received from student will be deposited to. You will add your bank information along with your address information. You can skip to add your bank information. However, you cannot get full access until you add the bank information in addition to passing an exam and being approved by admin. This is because the bank information is needed to deposit money to a tutor when a class is booked by student or when a course video is sold. 8) Set Availability: These are the weekly times you are available to tutor. You can select all days of one week at once and remove the days you are not available from the list. Selecting your availability times is mandatory as students cannot reach you unless your time is specified. You can update your availability at any time from the account lists found at the bottom right. 9) Purchase subscription. This part is not needed for now. For now, there will no member fee from both tutor and writer. We will update you when needed (if any). Therefore, please click "Buy Later" at the top right for now. 10) The account is created successfully. Then, click "Ok, Great.” 11) Take exam: You will be required to take exams for the previously selected courses. You can click "Take Later" if you are not ready to take the exam. If you prefer taking later, you will go to "Account" and choose “Take Exam” at the bottom right. If you take the exam now, select the course of the exam you want to take. Read the exam instructions before taking the exam and complete each question. Finally, submit the exam. If you pass the exam, you can proceed to the tutoring activity, or you can retake the exam at any time. After passing the exam, click "Ok, Great.” You will be taken to home page. 12) Home Page: At the bottom of the mobile app, you will see Home, Calendar, Notification, Chat, and Account. At the top, Session Request, Group Class Request, and Sell Courses are listed. 13) Session Request: Students who requested a class are listed here. The tutor will be required to confirm or reject the requests. After the confirmation of the session is completed, the session schedules are listed under the calendar or schedule box.
There are three different ways of booking session. 1) Regular Class Session booking: This is simple way of booking session where students simply search for a tutor based on different criteria such as courses, prices, and the tutor’s performance. There is a suggested tutors list based on the student's course information, location, and language. Moreover, students can search by using search bar at the top of the page. A student can simply put the first letter of a course or any information. After finding the right tutor’s profile, a student can go ahead and book a session! 2) Biding Booking Session: In case the student's budget is limited, this is a way that students can make a deal with tutors by placing an offer. A variety of tutors who fulfill the requirements participate in the bid, and the winner will teach the student. 3) Group Class Booking Session: This is the way that multiple students can learn from a single teacher through our conference system. This saves money for the students. Moreover, students who are in the same environment can add to the discussion about the course.
IT Training in Bayise Tutor is the trainings provided for anyone who wants to be an Information Technology professional of any area. Whether you are an IT professional or whether you are with IT background or without IT background, Bayise Tutor can train you until you can be a professional with any kind of IT fields. All of the courses will be provided online with IT experts over the world.
Yes. Bayise Tutor provides you pre-request courses and prepares you to make an IT professional.
The total cost of the IT trainings at Bayise Tutor depends on different factors. The time length the courses take to complete is one of the main factors. However, our hourly rate price is very cheap which is about $10/hour. For example, to complete the ios, android, and Fullstack of mobile app development in professional level, it costs you about 160 hours which will cost about $1600.