Background of the Business

First of all, it is important to know that Bayise business is an online and in-person business, which is mostly based on the internet, web, and smartphone technologies. Bayise has launched a mobile & web application, which works as a tutoring platform, and we offer several services such as:

Tutorial Services

IT Training Services
Writing Services
Video Lecture Selling and Purchasing Center
Social Media Platform
Additional Features & Services

Via our Tutorial and Writing Center services, you can access top academic tutors and research experts throughout the world and ask queries regarding your academic issues. You are able to hire an expert and experienced writer for your projects and assignments, and you are able to utilize tutor services for your quantitative as well as qualitative projects and assignments.

The Tutorial and Writing Center has three main important sections including Tutoring, Writing, and Lecture Video selling or purchasing sections.

1. 1. Tutorial Section
This section connects teachers and students from any part of the world. Any person who completed high school can be registered to be a tutor in this app. One tutor can tutor multiple courses and as many students as he or she can. Moreover, tutors and students of more than 195 countries can be connected via this app for tutoring purposes.

1. 1.1 Tutor or Teacher
High school graduates all the way to university professors and any person holding any level and kind of professional skills can use this self-employment benefit either full time or part time. To be a tutor, you must at least complete high school or the equivalent. Regarding the tutoring prices, the per hour tutoring prices are decided by tutors, and tutors / teachers post the price per hour in their country’s currency.

Tutors have two ways of selling their talents:

i.They post themselves on this app with their full profile including the price they request per hour. After the students select them, the tutor accepts or rejects the student’s request. The students book each session with a price determined by a tutor. The payment of each class is deposited to the tutor’s bank account after 28% of the price cut for the app service fee.

ii.Tutors can post the recordings of any kind of course lectures and sell them on this app. There is five minutes of free trial video for the student before purchasing. Tutors can post any formal or informal training at any education level. After the video is sold, 28% of the price is cut for the service fee and the rest is deposited directly to the tutor bank account.

       Regarding the location and language, the teachers select the languages with which they teach, the courses they teach, and their location at the registration. They select or reject the free trial option, which is a maximum of 30 minutes one time offer per student.

2. 1.2 Writer

A writer in this app is any person who delivers a written project for a writing applicant after both agree with the contents and the price of the project.

Like tutors, writers select the language (one or more languages) with which they write, the kind of content they write, and their experiences in writing. There is no limit on the number of types of content a writer can offer. Examples of the content writing types are legal writing, business plan writing, and blog writing.

How do writers and writing applicants agree to the price and the writing contents?

First, writing applicants choose the bid session of the writing. Then, they write the description of the writing and attach a document (if any). They put the bid duration and submit the bid. The bid is sent to the relevant writers and the writers respond immediately. After the writer and the client agree, the client processes a payment and the writer starts writing. After the writing project is completed, the project is delivered, and the writing applicant is satisfied, payment is released to the writer.

3. 1.3. Student

Students of any level (K-Phd.), including those with formal and informal training as well as any certification in any language and location, can use the Bayise Tutor platform for learning purposes. Students can pick teachers who can fit their education and budget by one of the following ways:

  • 1). Students can directly pick a tutor from the list that appears after searching for the
    given course name keywords. After viewing the tutor’s profile, students select and
    register the tutor and book sessions immediately or later based on the listed schedules.
  • 2). Students having budget problems can use a session bid method. Like a writing
    applicant’s way of picking a writer, students put their course description, bid starting and
    ending date, and the budget range. The teachers will make a deal and accept the
    request at the end for completing the given course or session.
  • 2.1). Another way of budget saving is group class sessions that the Bayise Tutor app provides. Multiple students, at a maximum of 10, can be tutored with one teacher with a minimum cost using video conferencing. In this case, all students must have a Bayise
    Tutor account. Representing all the students participating in the group class, one
    student completes the registration via our unique bidding process.

Students are able to review the previous classes at any time, thanks to our special session video saving service. After any class session is completed, the class recording is saved automatically, and students can review the previous classes later. Moreover, students can purchase lecture videos from different education levels and any kind of formal and informal training.

4. 1.4. Writing Applicant

A writing applicant is a client who seeks a writer for any specific projects. Using the bidding process, the applicant submits his or her request and writers respond immediately. After they agree to the deal, the writer starts the writing and delivers the project after it is completed. The held money is released to the writer after 28% of the writing fee cut as a service fee for the app.

5. IT Training Services

Bayise Tutor provides IT Training Services with IT experts over the world. The goal of the training is making anyone the IT professional. Whether you have IT background or if you are without IT background, we train you and make you IT professional. We provide short or long term IT Trainins based on the kind of the IT fields.

Any IT professions can be trained in Bayise Tutor online. Examples of the fields we traine include Full-Stack web development, app development, Amazon Webservice (AWS), Sharepoint Development, Data Science, etc.

The prices of IT Trainings are very cheap and flexibel based on different factors.