The Top IT Trends to Look Out for in 2022
Personal Brand Blog 11-01-2022

2021 has seen many technological advancements in the world, especially in crypto and energy. May companies and startups are investing in crypto, machine learning, and AI to offer solutions. Not only that, but the field of nanotechnology has also taken off, with scientists and companies alike spending millions on research and development.

Apart from that, the ongoing pandemic has changed how we use technology altogether, with everything going online and people depending on technology a lot more. As a company and employee, it's important to stay updated on these trends regardless of your field of expertise. Not only will it help you understand the upcoming trends, but it'll also allow you to improve your skills and find better employment opportunities. Online training courses are a great way to learn some of these trends to help further your career.


While it may have been shunned in the past for being unstable, cryptocurrency has had massive success over the past few years. Multiple companies have launched their own currency, and many websites and businesses alike have started accepting crypto as a form of payment. Not to mention that many countries started accepting crypto as a legal form of currency. Some companies like have started their own cards to offer easy cryptocurrency access for their clients. All-in-all it seems that crypto is destined to grow even further in 2022 and the next few years.

It's a good time to be involved in the industry if you're interested in crypto because there are many job options along with trading options to increase your savings.

Machine Learning/AI

Digital human assistance is perhaps the fastest-growing IT field. Especially during the pandemic where people needed personalized assistance through the internet. Many businesses incorporated machine learning in their apps to better facilitate the clients be it online shopping or cybersecurity. More recently, machine learning and AI have helped the medical industry massively.

Due to the shortage of caregivers during peak Covid times, companies relied on AI to perform general diagnostics for their patients so that they can be referred to doctors and receive proper care.  AI has also been prominent in the self-driving vehicle industry with Tesla (the electric car manufacturing giant) announcing that their cars will soon offer a fully self-driving experience and detect faults with the car for maintenance.


While cybersecurity in itself is a whole unique industry, it has been heavily influenced by AI in the past decade. Currently, the number of digital devices in use is greater than the number of people inhabiting the planet. As a result, cyber crimes have skyrocketed, and the need to protect valuable information is higher than ever. Cybersecurity companies are increasingly investing in AI to detect threats and attacks online.

Not only that but anti-viruses these days are incorporated with AI to perform better diagnostics and offer advanced protection. The reliance on AI by the cybersecurity industry will likely continue to increase in the upcoming years.

Cloud Computing

Since the traditional ways of performing business are going obsolete after the pandemic. Cloud computing has emerged as a savior. From data analysis, storage to cybersecurity, cloud computing is at the forefront of it all. Companies with computer usage also use clouds to lower the load on their internal servers and offer faster services.

Aside from cloud computing, quantum computing has also become influential in the field of high computing. Businesses want faster and smoother services for their clients, which can be achieved by clouds setup using quantum computers. Google, Alibaba, Microfost, and Amazon are all investing big in quantum computing, so the fields' progress in the upcoming years will be extraordinary.


Robots have been around for decades and are actively being used in many industries. The preference for using robots over people is their efficiency and precision. Recently the medical field has seen a surge in the usage of robots. While sadly, we won't be getting our own Baymax anytime soon; medical robots are increasingly being employed to make diagnostics with lower risks of infections, errors, and malpractice. On top of that, assisted surgery robots are being designed to help doctors perform surgeries that won't be possible otherwise due to their complicated nature.  

3D Printing

As we all know, the manufacturing industry has benefited heavily from 3D printing technology. The technology has been employed in almost every field, from medical to logistics. 3D printing allows you to print sturdy, reliable, and practical equipment. The medical industry has benefited from this technology the most. From printing bones to medical cast, 3D printing has been used everywhere. It has also made things cheaper for patients that have trouble affording treatments.

The way this technology is being developed, it's likely that it'll be used for personalized care even more in the next year. Many organizations are also researching the technology to make it cheaper for mass use.


Nanotechnology has been employed in the energy, medical, manufacturing, and cosmetics sectors in the past decade. With the given advancements and the R&D, it's likely that the technology will be developed further and will enter many other fields. Precision manufacturing is another industry that has benefited heavily from nanotechnology. These days the focus is more on research carried out by scientists to make the technology accessible, cheap, and green.

Internet Of Things (IoT)

Last but not least, we have the Internet of Things, known commonly as IoT. IoT deals with analyzing data, reviewing and interpreting it, and connecting devices across the internet. This technology is prominently used in electronic and wearable devices such as smartphones, smartwatches, fitness trackers, and smart electronics. As people are increasingly using smart home devices such as Alexa and Google Home, IoT is seeing a lot of research and development. In 2022, it seems that this trend will continue as some medical companies are also eyeing IoT technology for their patients.

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