Short Courses for High School Students
Podcast 15-04-2021

Short Courses for High School Students

Are you a high school student looking forward to learn something new in your spare time? Bayise Tutors has just the right opportunity waiting for you. We offer a wide range of interesting and educational short courses to complete during your school break or between online high school classes.


Learning a new language is exciting and opens up a multitude of opportunities for you. It is an intense mental exercise that improves your memory and cognitive skills. But above all, a language is what helps you connect to a person of a different culture. It is a particularly useful skill for travelling, studying or working abroad. We offer a wide range of interactive language lessons with reading, writing, comprehension and conversation exercises.

Tax Preparation

Learning how to do your taxes is an essential skill that you will require in your adult life. However traditional school education doesn’t cover this, which leaves young adults fumbling to figure out taxes on their own. We offer you a comprehensive course on tax filing, as per your country’s financial regulations. This will prepare you to adult more successfully, and manage your finances better.

Mobile App Development

For everything that we need there is a mobile app to make our lives easier. App development is an exciting field, with vibrant career opportunities. We have several app development courses for different operating systems and languages that will offer you hands-on knowledge and experience of creating an app from scratch.

World Religion

Let us foster an ethos of tolerance and peace. Learning about the various religions of the world, their principles, philosophies and beliefs is a great way to open up your mind. Our unique course on the world religions will offer you a brand new perspective into people and their faiths, and in turn, make you a more open-minded global human being.

High school is the best time for learning new things. Not only will our courses engage and stimulate you, they also add value to your CV, which give you a boost during your college applications. You can do our group sessions and free online classes from the comfort of your home, as per your convenient schedule.