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Podcast 29-06-2024


Waliin Users Monetization Policy

Number of Video Viewers on Waliin

Waliin started implementing a monetization strategy of active users who frequently post videos like recorded videos or live stream videos. Accordingly, any Waliiner (Waliin user) who posts a video that might be prerecorded or Live video will be paid based on the number of video viewers. Starting June 30, 2024, any Waliiner (Waliin user) who posts a video frequently and gets an important number of users will be paid based on the number of viewers. 

There are different ways of posting a video on Waliin and two of the most common ways are the following:

  1. Users can prerecord any safe video that can’t be against our policy and post it on Waliin. Next, they can share with the followers and more users. The number of viewers will be recorded.
  2. Users can Go Live on Waliin and talk to their followers. Once the Live is ended, the video is posted automatically on Waliin. The number of viewers has been counted since the Live is ended. 

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Making Money on Waliin

Users of which country can be paid using the Waliin monetization strategy? 

Waliin users of any country where we are able to transfer the money can be paid. 

What minimum number of viewers is required to be paid?  

The minimum number of viewers of one video is 500. Once the number of viewers reaches 500, the Waliiner is eligible to be paid. For each 500 video viewers, Waliin pays 2 USD. 

Is Waliiner Charged Money Transfer Fee?

Yes. Based on our user’s location, the transfer will be applied. 

Is there an age limit to be paid on Waliin?

Yes. To use Waliin minimum age of our user is 13 years. 


Notice. This policy can be changed at any time in the future based on our business status. 


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