Introduction to Earth and Space Sciences
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Are you looking forward to building a career in a science-related field? Why not try Earth and Space Science! Yes, the name sounds interesting, but the contents of this subject are even better!


The subject revolves around earth and space. Earth and space sciences study how lands, oceans, the atmosphere, and our planet’s life work. Moreover, these include the water cycle, the presence of carbon, and other elements that shape and impact the Earth and its inhabitants.


Earth and space sciences is the perfect field for someone who loves and wants to explore different things about the earth. Here’s everything you need to know about pursuing earth and space sciences as a career.

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What are the Branches of Earth and Space Sciences?

Earth and space sciences is a very vast field that's divided into many sub-fields. Anyone who wants to study earth and space sciences has to select one of these subfields to begin. However, you can also switch to another sub-field or pursue two branches at once. Here are the four main branches of Earth and space sciences.


The first branch of earth and space sciences is none other than Geology. Geology revolves around the study of the Earth’s rock portion, also called the geosphere. Geology majors study concepts like rock types, rock structures, the Earth’s movement, and land-related environmental disasters like earthquakes, volcano eruptions, landslides, erosions, and sedimentation. It’s no secret that Geology is a massive sub-field, and experts usually select one Geology-related subject to study.


The second branch of Earth and space sciences is Meteorology, the study of the Earth’s weather and climatic patterns. People, majoring in Meteorology study things like atmospheric layers, humidity, weather predictions and cycles, global air circulation, heat transfer, air pressure, and other weather-related phenomenon.


The weather predictions you see on the internet are from experienced meteorologists who study weather and environmental patterns to provide information about the upcoming week’s weather patterns. Therefore, meteorologists are experts that give us accurate weather predictions.


As the name suggests, oceanography studies the Earth’s oceans, including other water bodies. These oceans and water bodies influence the earth’s temperature and weather. Moreover, these water bodies also impact the Earth’s habitants.


However, like meteorologists, oceanographers choose to study a particular branch of oceanography. For instance, biological oceanographers study the living things in oceans and other water bodies, and chemical oceanographers study the levels of chemicals in our oceans.

A view of an ocean shore and a rock from a cave


If you’re interested in studying other planets, then this branch of earth and space sciences is for you. As the name suggests, Astronomy is the study of life and bodies beyond earth. In astronomy, people study stars, planets, asteroids, and other natural and artificial objects in space.


Astronomy is perhaps the most advanced branch of Earth and space sciences, as astronomers use the latest technology to study objects in space. Besides learning more about life beyond Earth, astronomers also use this space knowledge to learn more about the Earth. For instance, they can study the cycle of other planets to determine how this movement will affect the Earth.


Besides these main branches of Earth and space sciences, you can also study other branches of the subject, such as:

  • Environmental sciencedebates how people can better interact with the environment and save limited environmental resources like minerals and water.
  • Ecologystudies the relationship of living things with the environment. Ecologists use the behavior of different organisms to see how they behave in certain environments.
  • Geochemistryis the combination of geology and chemistry. People who study geochemistry learn about the chemistry of the earth’s rocks, minerals, and soils.
  • Geographydiscusses the Earth’s surface features, including land, rivers, mountains, continents, and countries.
  • Cartographyis an innovative branch of Earth and space sciences that uses photos and other information to create maps. Moreover, cartographers also study how different areas of Earth change over time.

Why Is Studying Earth and Space Sciences Important?

With so many fields, earth and space sciences is one of the most interesting subjects. But do you know that it’s also one of the most important ones? Here’s why studying earth and space sciences is essential.

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The Future Lies in the Space

While the earth has been our natural habitat for millions of years, it’s no secret that the natural reservoirs are depleting. For instance, the freshwater reservoirs of our planet are predicted to end by 2040, which is an alarming situation. Therefore, scientists have been trying to find other planets where humans can settle or begin life.

Saves Lives

How often have you seen people saving their lives and assets by leaving a place due to a cyclone, tsunami, and thunderstorm warning? This all happens due to earth and space sciences experts. They save lives during weather calamities by making accurate weather predictions and issuing warnings. Moreover, they also alert people about calamities like volcano eruptions, earthquakes, etc.

Helps the Environment

It’s commonly known that our actions impact the Earth and the species on this planet. Studying earth and space sciences will help us take steps to make Earth a better living place for all of us. Experts can use earth and space sciences’ information to understand pollution, how human carbon footprint can be lowered, and how we can help save the environment.

Top shot of lava flowing from a volcano

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