Engaging Activities to Help Your Kids Learn While Having Fun
Case Study 20-05-2021



Engaging Activities to Help Your Kids Learn While Having Fun


Are your kids spending too much time in front of the screen? Do you feel exhausted dealing with your toddler’s tantrums? Is it getting increasingly hard being a mediator in their constant bickering? These are signs that your children could be bored and need a productive channel to spend their pent up energy. The brains of children are developing, and hence, they need constant stimulation. This is how they grow, understand, and learn.


The right kind of positive engagement helps develop cognitive, motor, logical, memory skills, and more. With kids being stuck at home, this is what they are missing, and therefore, their development is getting harmed. Even those who have school work and online learning are also lacking the outlet of socialization. Thus, in these times, it is essential to introduce them to some age-appropriate fun activities, that are not only engaging, but also boost their learning capacity.


Art and DIY Crafts

Art and crafts are a great way to engage children purposefully and teach them so much in an enjoyable way. It gives wings to their imagination and enhances their creative sides as they learn to make something beautiful out of seemingly plain items. These also help develop fine motor skills as they learn to handle scissors, color inside the lines, or draw shapes. DIY crafts teach them to follow instructions and create their craft, which, in turn, boosts their cognitive abilities as well as verbal skills. Creating art is also an excellent way for kids to express themselves and it also instills a sense of pride and self confidence, which can go a long way in building a stronger person.


Reading and Storytelling

Stories have a great cultural significance and have been handed down through generations, ever since humans developed language. They also have an immense impact on the growth and development of children. Research shows that reading stories to children improves their listening and comprehension skills and boosts their vocabulary. For children who are a little older, reading stories also improves their reading skills, which can help boost their grades. They should also be encouraged to craft their own stories as that inspires them to think, imagine, and create. Stories offer their young minds a space to escape, build a world out of their fantasy, and develop their thinking and logical skills.


Brain-Boosting Games

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could improve your child’s intelligence, memory, logical reasoning, and boost their brain’s capabilities while playing? This is precisely what you can do with the help of simple activities such as identifying and matching colors, puzzles, memory games, Sudoku for older kids, and other such games. This pushes their brain to analyze, comprehend, and work out the solutions to the game at hand. Another easy way to engage kids is to perform fun, safe, simple, and age-appropriate science experiments with them. Not only is it incredibly fun and magical, but these experiments also pique their curiosity and build a scientific outlook.



Take your kid away from the screens and outside the walls of your house, or bring a little slice of nature into your home with a highly enriching hobby of gardening. The benefits of gardening are manifold. It offers the little ones a space to grow something, care for life, and develop a sense of responsibility. The pride and excitement of nurturing something fragile and seeing their efforts come to fruition, play a significant role in building their personalities and growing as eco-conscious individuals. Gardening is a great sensory stimulation activity for the younger kids as they are learning. Start with plants that are native to your environment and easy to care for, or simply germinate the seeds and legumes you eat.


Simple Math

Math is one of the most dreaded subjects because children often do not get a fun exposure to the subject in a non-competitive frame of space. However, taught right, the subject can be exciting, even fascinating. A fun toy such as an abacus is a great way to approach math with the younger kids. Playing with the abacus beads not only teaches them to count, but also improves their fine motor skills. Another great way to work on their math skills is to practice counting with building blocks, fruits, or toys. Smart learning strategies will make math fun and help your kids learn this essential life skill seamlessly.


Young children need stimulation and engagement for healthy development of their minds and bodies. With kids who have to be at home all the time now, it is even more important to keep them busy productively in activities that will encourage learning and growth. Bayise Tutor has a wide range of online fun learning activities for kids of all ages.