6 Ways an IT Certification Can Help You Advance in Your Career
Podcast 22-11-2021


With the significant growth in and rise of online learning, people have been enrolling in classes that offer certain certifications relating to a particular skill, software, or trade. These certifications have helped people advance in their career fields and move on to higher-paying positions within their company or industry.


Along with improved jobs and pay, there are other potential benefits of getting a certification. When it comes to an IT certification, these certifications show your employers or recruiters how you're now more competent in a specific domain of information technology (IT). To acquire an IT certification, you have to clear certain exams that test your knowledge and capabilities in that particular IT field.


An average IT professional in the US earns more than $48,000 per year, and according to a 2020 report, with a new certification, an average increase in salary can be almost $13,000. IT certifications on your resume can allow you  to be more competitive at your job and give the hiring managers an overall understanding of your abilities.


So if you're looking to advance in your career, IT certifications can certainly do so in many ways. Let's take a look at a few of those ways.


It Can Boost Your Salary


As we've mentioned before, we know that IT professionals have seen an increase in their salaries. This isn't just because of the certification. An IT certification helps in skill development, which means your employer can give you a raise. An IT professional's raise in 2020 was $5,000, but when a professional developed new skills through the IT certification, that increased to $13,000. Even though a raise isn't guaranteed, but certifications could definitely increase your chances. But even without the guarantee, the IT field is growing and profitable. IT jobs are bound to grow by 11% by the time we reach 2029.



A computer with programming codes on it 



Close the Skills Gap


In the IT field, there's a loss of productive hours, and this is because of skills gaps. These skills gaps have their own costs, which include inferior work quality and more stress. In most IT departments around the world, skills gaps have cost employees three to nine hours of productivity per week. That sums up to be 520 hours per year. 


This wasted time brings losses to businesses. Almost $29,000 was wasted per employee during 2020. However, if an employee chooses to get an IT certification, it can certainly benefit the businesses by generating more revenue, and losses can be minimized. As a result, an employee with an IT certification will be more cherished by employers and might even receive career benefits.





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Promotions on Job


Sixty percent of IT managers have reported that they're unable to find qualified candidates for certain IT positions. Because of this, a lot of advanced levels and high-paying jobs in many companies are vacant. Multiplied unfilled positions have been a cause of trouble for decision-makers in companies.


Cybersecurity certifications have certainly helped IT decision-makers in hiring qualified individuals. Due to the skills gap and a shallow talent pool, the cybersecurity job roles are the biggest challenges on any professional IT team. There is a lack of security professionals. When you get an IT certification in cybersecurity especially, chances are you will be promoted to one of those unfilled positions in your company.


Keeps Your Resume Fresh


A fresh resume means your skills are encouraged by employers. A strong and resume is the biggest tool in your hand for you to advance in the career path you aspire to and where you can highlight all your achievements and accomplishments.


An IT certification will mean you have learned new skills that will help you sell yourself by making you marketable, and employers will consider those skills relevant to the current landscape of IT. When you enroll yourself in a program for IT and get certified, you will be able to highlight that to your resume.


Traditional degrees or courses are valuable, but they are for the long term. For a quick addition to your resume, you can acquire IT certifications that employers value just as much as relevant industry experience. Along with this, certifications are also much more affordable than an average master's degree.




A guidance counselor helping an IT professional






Prepares You For In-Demand and Relevant Skills 


Certifications are great for you if you want to stay or continue advancing in your career as they instill new skills for you. The need for in-demand and modern skills is constantly increasing because of the continuous advancement of technology.


Because of technological advancement, more and more professionals are looking to acquire new skills, and the demand is constantly increasing. By  2022, due to the ever-changing landscape of IT, more than 50% of the American workforce will be looking to upskill themselves. So now's the time to get a headstart on your career and get an IT certification. You can research which skills have the most demand in the market and find which IT certification will allow you to reskill and upskill yourself according to that.


Competitive Advantage Over Others


When you have a clear idea, which area of IT you want to earn a certification in, it'll help you gain a competitive advantage over others, especially when other candidates have the same skills but will lack a certification to give the evidence for those skills.

When you've acquired certain relevant skills in your professional field, employers who are looking for them will consider you more valuable than others.



Enrich Your Professional IT Career Faster Through an Online Certification Course


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